A wolfdog is the offspring of a breeding between a wolf and a dog. Breeding is possible since wolves and dogs are closely related genetically. Wolfdogs inherit physical characteristics of both the wolf and dog. Wolves have longer legs, larger heads, larger teeth, larger feet, narrower chests, and more powerful jaws. Wolves generally weigh between eighty and hundred pounds, with females weighing less than males. Wolves possess higher stamina when compared to dogs. The german shepherd is a great hybird of wolf and dog. A wolfdog is usually a very gorgeous animal, beautiful to behold. The hybrid wolf dog is a very intelligent creature. Wolfdog are part dogs and part wild animal so experts recommand that they should be raised as wolves rather than dogs. A pet dog might be considered submissive in nature than a wolf. The hybrid wolfdog is not for all, however, under the right circumstances, in the right environment, with the right person, it can be a beautiful companion. Though estimates vary, the current population of hybrids in the United States has been reported to be around 300,000. Growing interest in them has led to a proliferation in the number of wolf hybrid breeders, with many profiting from the breed's increasing popularity.