River Amazon

Amazon River is in Southern parts of America. It is the largest river by volume and the longest river of the world after River Nile. It contributes about one fifth of total water of river water from all over the world that goes into the oceans. It has a length of six thousand and four hundred kilometers. Average flow of water near the mouth of the river is five million cubic feet per second. and in the rainy seasons it turns to about seven point five million cubic feet per second. This massive flow of water is coming from snow covered high ranges of Andes Mountains, Wide spread heavy equatorial rains along it's catchment areas and its thousands of tributaries. The water flow in this great river is more than the total water flow of next top ten rivers of the world. Its flow rate is ten times greater than that of the River Mississippi. The flow rate of River Amazon is so huge that it clears the salinity of sea water at its mouth up to three hundred kilometers into the Atlantic ocean. The annual rainfall of the rain forests of Amazon is ranging from three thousand to seven thousand mm.