Red Fox

Red foxes can be found throughout America and Africa. Red foxes were been introduced to Australia. Red foxes use a wide range of habitats. It includes forest, desert and mountains. They can be found at any place at four thousand meters above sea level. They weight three to twelve kg and their length is about five hundred to nine hundred mm. Length of the tail is about three hundred to five hundred mm. Males are slightly larger than females. Populations in southern deserts and in North America are smaller than European populations. Breeding season is in between December to march. Female fox bears one to nice cubs after a period of fifty days. Baby fox weights about hundred grams. Red fox mating behavior varies substantially. Often males and females are monogamous, but males with multiple female mates are also know, as are male/female pairs that use non-breeding female helpers in raising their young. Females mated to the same male fox may share a den. Red fox groups always have only one breeding male, but that male may also seek mating outside of the group. Red fox males and females co-operate to care for the pups. Maximum life span is about twelve years. They mostly eat rodents, eastern cottontail rabbits, insects, and fruit.