Paradise | Hazaribagh

It is situated at the average altitude of six hundred meters in the Indian state of jharkhand, the Hazaribagh National Park has an abundance of wild animals like the wild boar, sambar, nilgai, chital, sloth bear, tiger and panther. The climate in this region is tropical with hot summers and cold winters. Temperature during the summer months touch a high of forty 'C and a low of nineteen 'C. Winter months are better and the temperature ranges between a maximum and minimum of nineteen 'C and seven 'C. The monsoon months are July to mid-September. Sighting of wild boar, sambar, nilgai, cheetal, and kakar is assured especially near the waterholes at dusk increases satisfaction. A road in the sanctuary takes motorists to the remotest corners and to masonry towers. Strategically located, the road offers excellent opportunities for viewing the wilds. The sanctuary is surrounded by tribal habitation. There are many watchtowers that provide perfect hideouts to see the wildlife in its true natural habitat. The Palamau Forest Reserve is another major wildlife sanctuary in the region.