Visual Basic for Applications

Visual basic for applications is an 'embedded' version of Visual Basic. Visual Basic for Application can be integrated with an existing application to provide a facility for customization and extension of the application that hosts Visual Basic for Application. The best example of this is the Microsoft Office family of applications. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access (among others) all support Visual Basic for Application, and even provide a full-blown VBA integrated Development Environment similar to VB's stand-alone IDE. Using the Visual Basic for Application IDE, you can write Visual Basic code to provide rich functionality that goes well beyond the basic word processing, spreadsheet, and database features provided by these applications. Many of the some powerful language features of VB are available in Visual Basic for Application, the difference being that Visual Basic for Application code can only live in the context of the hosting application. Visual Basic for Application can be compiled to 'P-Code' within the hosting application, which makes it faster than VBScript, but not as fast as fully compiled VB applications and components.