Late Bound and Early Bound

Note that the Object data type is generic and can hold a reference to any kind of object. Object references stored in a variable of the Object data type are said to be late bound, meaning that object’s interface cannot be solved until runtime. Variables and routine parameters can also be declared as a specific object type. Variables of this sort are said to be early bound, meaning that the interface of the object was known at compile time. A late-bound Variant object variable can be passed to a VBScript procedure that uses an early bound parameter. That said, I am not going to be discussing objects in this post.

Also if you are also familiar with the Visual Basic data types, you may have noticed that I did not include the “fixed length” String data type in our list. This is because fixed length string cannot be stored in a Variant, and I am primarily interested in the data types that can be used as Variant subtypes.