Server-Side Web Scripting

Server-Side Web Scripting is accomplished with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and Active Server Pages (ASP). Internet Information Server is the sophisticated web server that Microsoft ships with the Windows NT Option Pack, a free add-on for licensed users of Windows NT Version 4. Active Server Pages are essentially HTML pages with embedded script code. ASPs can include client-side web scripts that will be downloaded to the browser with the rest of the HTML, but also include scripts that are executed only in the web server. These embedded server-side scripts are executed before the page is released by the web server to be downloaded to the client's web browser. Using ASP scripts, you can dynamically change the content of the page as it is being built.For instance, you could store a user's profile and preferences in a database, and use these preferences to customize the content and appearances of the web page whenever the user requests it.