Dedicated Server

A large network may have several servers, each dedicated to a particular task. For example, a network may have a mail server, a file server, or a print server. A mail server receives email for clients. This server must be running all the time so that no email is missed. The client can run its email software to access its email at any time. A file server allows the client to access shared data stored on the disk connected to the file server. When a user needs data, it accesses the server, which then sends a copy. A print server allows different clients to share a printer. Each client can send data to be printed to the print server, which then spools and prints them. In this model, the file server station runs a server file-access program, a mail server station runs a server mail-handling program, and a print server station runs a server prin-handling program. Depending on its need, a client runs a client file access program, a client mail program, or a client print program.